All About Cole
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There are two sides to every story. Read along while Jasmine & Cole
both tell you their sides of the story of how they grew in love over the
Internet, & eventually met in person.

Jasmine's a young black woman who has recently experienced heart
break. She builds up walls so that no one will have the chance to break
her heart again. She decides to escape her reality & live vicariously
through cyberspace.
Imagine living a life of betrayal.

Born with spina bifida, Cole was doomed to live a life of misery. He has
been betrayed by almost everyone he’s come in contact with.

Betrayed by his father because of the obvious physical abnormalities he
had. He wanted nothing to do with having an imperfect child.

How much can one man endure before he decides enough is enough?
Will he continue to fight for a life he didn’t ask for?
Or will he give up & commit the ultimate betrayal & betray his very self?
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Cole's a young disabled white man who has spent three-quarters of his
life in & out of hospitals. Due to injury, he is bedridden & has only his
computer to socialize & meet new people. Because of his upbringing,
falling in love with a black woman was taboo. But there was something
about Jasmine that made him want to taste the forbidden fruit.
A great sexual encounter between a patient & his nurse, takes a turn for the
worst. After months of being unintentionally celibate, Cole feels like a lucky
man. But he soon learns that Tammy has her own agenda & gets caught up in
her web of lies, rumors & deception.
Does that automatically make her a bad person? Is Cole completely
innocent in all of this? Or did he allow his hormones to make a poor

Whose side will you be on? Cole's? Tammy's? Or will you be TORN?
The doctor betrayed Cole by giving his opinions & not just the facts of the
situation, thereby possibly sentencing him to a life of institutionalization.
Saved by his mother, who would take him home, only to emotionally
betray him time & time again throughout his life, & to use him to her
own advantage.