This book
contains adult
language and
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Imagine living a life of betrayal.

Born with spina bifida, Cole was doomed to live a life of misery. He
has been betrayed by almost everyone he’s come in contact with.

Betrayed by his father because of the obvious physical
abnormalities he had. He wanted nothing to do with having an
imperfect child.

The doctor betrayed Cole by giving his opinions & not just the facts
of the situation, thereby possibly sentencing him to a life of

Saved by his mother, who would take him home, only to emotionally
betray him time & time again throughout his life, & to use him to her
own advantage.

How much can one man endure before he decides enough is
enough? Will he continue to fight for a life he didn’t ask for? Or will
he give up & commit the ultimate betrayal & betray his very self?

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