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Be Your Own Boss! Become a
Subwholesaler -  sell our products!
For those who would prefer materials for themselves or their customers, we offer the following


Here is what an investment of $40* gets you:
  • 2 World of Products Catalogs (has all of the current products that we sell)
  • 3 Big Value Catalogs (everything is $19.95 and under)
  • 3 Bayberry Lane Catalogs (ideal for mail order or catalog distribution)


For those who desire a more frugal investment, we have our $20* kit:
  • 1 World of Products Catalog
  • 1 Big Value Catalog
  • 1 Bayberry Lane Catalog

PLEASE NOTE: Catalogs in kit will vary depending on what time of year you order them.

And here is the icing on the cake..... Your
initial investment costs will be REFUNDED back to you
after you have met a monetary goal of $500 for the $40 kit & $250 for the $20 kit - at
subwholesaler costs! So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

~ Price of kits do not include shipping costs.

NOTE: If you decide to continue subwholesaling with us, your initial investment costs will be
due a year from your anniversary date.

Here are some ideas that have been successful for our current subwholesalers:

  • Fund-raising
  • Home parties
  • Flea markets or yard sales
  • Catalog distribution
  • Mail order
  • Online auctions
  • Internet sales via your own website
  • Supplying retail stores in your local area!

If you have any questions, please contact We look forward to
hearing from you soon!

~ These prices are effective for the year 2017.  Prices are subject to change with or without
notice. Kit materials are upgraded twice a year, for the fall and spring seasons. At that time,
subwholesalers will be responsible for reordering their own materials

* FREE start-up is good for one year's time. After 30 days of inactivity from your initial sign-up
date, your access to the subwholesaler site will be denied, unless a written notice has been sent
to us. After 30 days, your account can be reactivated with us if a written notice is received.
However, your sign-up date will still be your INITIAL sign-up date.

  •    Answer to no one!
  •    Set your own hours!
  •    Make as little or as much money as you want!
  •    Receive our products at discount prices!
  •    Choose how you want to sell! (Methods are listed below).
Ask me how to get started for FREE*!

Email me at:

NOTE: If the link provided, is unsuccessful, due to browser issues, please send your e-mail
directly from your e-mail address. Thank-you.
money without selling a thing? All you have to do is TELL someone about us!
Here's how it works!

Any referral who signs up for FREE will earn you $5!
Referrals who purchase our $20 kit, will earn you $10!
Referrals who purchase our $40 kit, will earn you $15!
* One payout per referral.

You will receive these payouts after your referral has successfully placed their
first order.
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