Forbidden Fruit
There are two sides to every story. Read along while Jasmine &
Cole both tell you their sides of the story of how they grew in love
over the Internet, & eventually met in person.

Jasmine's a young black woman who has recently experienced heart
break. She builds up walls so that no one will have the chance to
break her heart again. She decides to escape her reality & live
vicariously through cyberspace.

Cole's a young disabled white man who has spent three-quarters of
his life in & out of hospitals. Due to injury, he is bedridden & has
only his computer to socialize & meet new people. Because of his
upbringing, falling in love with a black woman was taboo. But there
was something about Jasmine that made him want to taste the
forbidden fruit.

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This book contains
explicit material.
Recommended for
adults 18+ years of
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